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Tow Straps

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Tow Straps have several names depending on the industry and geographic area they are used in. 

They are also known as Snap Straps, Recovery Straps, Jerk Straps, Pulling Straps, Buba Strap, Stretch Strap, Tug Strap, Yank Strap and many more. 

Our Straps are made in the U.S.A with American made nylon. We stock webbing widths from 1"-12", having a breaking strength of 9800 pounds per inch width, which is always represented in the industry as ABS (average break strength) 10,000 per inch. 

Some companies make a two ply strap and promote the two plies, they are usually made of 6,800 or 7,400 webbing. If you do the math it will be stronger, but will not have the stretch of single ply. In addition if the eye of a two ply is cut it can not be rebuilt. 

There are also companies that make "tow straps" and sell them as "snap or jerk straps" made using a poly tie-down webbing which is less expensive but will not stretch. 

Nylon VS Polyester

Nylon will stretch approximately 6 to 8 percent at its working load whereas the polyester will stretch approximately 3 percent at its working load.

 Nylon is subject minor or total degradation when exposed to acids. Polyester is resistant to many acids. 

Nylon is resistant to many alkalies whereas Polyester is subject  minor to total degradation when exposed to alkalies. 

All things must be taken into consideration, as to type of acid or alkalies, exposure time and conditions, concentration and temperature. 

Remember liquid and gas forms both can affect the degrading of your strap. 

We are lifting sling manufacturing company which has a much higher industry standard to work with, our tow straps are made to this standard. If you are looking for lifting slings click (here)

How can you tell if you are purchasing Nylon or Polyester Straps?


Look in the center of your strap for a very obvious blue line on heavy weight sling webbing and red stripes on tie-down webbing. This is Polyester. 

10,000 ABS Straps

Pictured here is a 1" x 10'

 Featuring a full width flat eye on each end, these straps are great quad runner snap strap. They come in the following standard lengths:

1" x 10'

1" x 15'

1" x 20'

Custom lengths are available upon request. 

20,000 ABS

Pictured here is a 2" x 20'

With a full width reversed eye on each end these are great for cars and lite pick up trucks. They come in the following standard lengths:

2" x 20'

2" x 30'